For Existing Clients

To our existing clients, we appreciate your business. 

The LakePharma team works tirelessly to deliver so that you may be able to achieve your goals in a timely fashion. Continual development and improvement of technology, systems, and operations is part of the LakePharma culture. Projects entrusted to LakePharma are treated with importance. The success and pride of LakePharma rely heavily on the success of the clients. 

As an existing LakePharma client, you may have already had the chance to utilize the LakePharma DPM systemDPM provides an interactive experience for clients to view and access their project updates with real-time data. Clients can directly initiate new projects on DPM. More recently, LakePharma has released the CSP (Client Secure Portal) which is a more personalized platform for clients to access their projects. If you have not yet created a customer account on DPM or CSP or need assistance, please contact your Account Manager or speak with the Customer Support team at LakePharma Dallas (email or call 650-288-4891). 

At LakePharma, we always welcome your comments and suggestions. For feedback, please use the Give Feedback tab on the left.

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