Integrated Solutions

Offering Integrated Solutions for clients' product development and manufacturing is the primary business of LakePharma. The menu under INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS is organized based on the types of molecules that LakePharma can support. Customers utilizing Integrated Solution services have higher priority. They are supported by a team including Account Manager, Program Manager, and a senior technical lead. To elevate to Integrated Solutions, prospective clients should speak with their Account Manager. 

LakePharma's technical excellency and proven track record in varied technological areas means that we can offer you integrated solutions focused on the type of molecule you are interested in.

LakePharma is the first company to combine the research and development capabilities of a CRO with the manufacturing expertise of a CDMO. 

Various groups in LakePharma work together to provide Integrated Solutions. 

New!   LakePharma: The Face of Next-Gen Drug Development. Pharma Tech Outlook Interview with LakePharma CEO Hua Tu. April 2021.