Protein Therapeutics & Vaccines

Recombinant protein drugs have long been the core of biotechnology. Starting with recombinant insulin, protein drugs have made an immense impact to the healthcare of millions of people. There is no slowing down in that. In fact, there is a continuing trend of more emerging protein therapeutics and vaccines being brought to market.

While often known for our capabilities in developing antibodies, LakePharma places equal weight on proteins, which are produced and characterized at every LakePharma center. We offer multiple expression and production systems including microbial, baculo, mammalian transient and mammalian stables. We have worked on many kinds of proteins and have experience in various types of process development. With the launch of Suite A in LakePharma Hopkinton, we are excited to start GMP production of protein drug substance and drug products in 2020. Collectively with design, engineering, development and manufacturing, LakePharma offers an exciting set of Integrated Solution for proteins.