Tissue Processing, Sample Prep and QC

A majority of experimental endpoints require the efficient manipulation and processing of Tissues, Cells, Biofluids and other experimental materials for total Protein, DNA/RNA, or Membrane Preparations.  LakePharma provides standard and fully customized sample processing to meet client-specific needs and produce exceptional quality materials for downstream assay processes or delivery to client.  


    • Multiple Dissociation Modalities based on sample type and downstream application
      • Qiagen Tissuelyser II and Roche MagNA Lyser Bead Mills, Stainless/Ceramic sterile beads
      • Diagenode Bioruptor 300
      • Multiple Dounce homogenization volumes 
      • Traditional probe sonnicator workflows
      • Iodixanol and Glucose Gradient Ultracentrifuge Methods for Membrane Preparation and subcellular fractionation at a variety of volumes
      • Agilent TapeStation 4200 instrument for RIN and DV200 analysis of samples
    • NGS/RNAseq Sample preparation workflows and Quality Control on NGS input materials.  Multiple available NGS Sequencing Partners for Data Delivery to Client Informatics Teams
    • Broad team experience with dissection and parallel processing of large numbers of clinical study samples.
    • Expertise across all animal tissue types
    • Significant team experience in protein preparation methods for downstream LC/MS analysis

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