CHO Stable Cell Line Development

LakePharma provides stable CHO cell line development services for diagnostic or therapeutic products. 

Developed from the CHO-K1 parental cell line, LakePharma offers the CHO-GSN™ stable cell line expression platform for the production of proteins and antibodies. CHO-GSN is a glutamine synthetase (GS) knockout cell line for the generation of a research cell bank (RCB) and future use as a manufacturing cell line for commercial products. With multiple RCBs used for programs at the clinical stage, this platform offers clients a cell line with lineage documentation and a commercial use license for commercialization (royalty-free option available). 

LakePharma provides the CHO-GSN platform as a CHO stable cell line development service using its proprietary knockout cell line, custom stable expression vectors, and glutamine synthetase (GS) selection technology platform. 

Download CHO-GSN™ Presentation by clicking here.

As a service, RCBs are generated under the following workflow:

After the RCB is developed, LakePharma also offers characterization services, MCB generation, and process development services:

  • Comprehensive Protein Characterization
  • Generational Stability Study
  • Gene Copy Number Determination
  • Master Cell Bank Generation
  • Upstream, downstream, analytical development, and formulation development