APC/ PE Conjugation

Allophycocyanin (APC) and Phycoerthyrin (PE) are two types of phycobiliproteins that are strongly fluorescent. Due to their high quantum efficiencies, large Stoke shifts, high water solubility, and stability under a wide range of pH and salt concentrations, APC and PE are commonly used fluorescent labels for a wide range of biological applications. LakePharma offers services to custom conjugate APC and PE to proteins at a specified fluorophore-to-Protein ratio.

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1690 APC/PE labeling of < 5 mg protein or antibodies 2 Weeks $3,740
1691 APC/PE labeling of 5-20 mg protein or antibodies 2 Weeks $6,710
1692 APC/PE labeling of 21-50 mg protein or antibodies 2 Weeks $10,230