The Vector Technology group utilizes the mammalian and baculovirus platforms for the production of AAV, with a focus on vector engineering and optimization, process development, and scale-up production. The technical team at LakePharma has over 16 years of experience utilizing suspension insect cell lines and the baculovirus system for the production of recombinant proteins and the AAV platform expands on those capabilities.  Extensive characterization capabilities are also available with LakePharma's assay group. 

Key Features of AAV Production Platform 


- HEK293 production platform

- Suspension and adherent options

- Helper-free system

- Up to 100L culture production


Suspension-based culture (Sf9)

- High titer baculovirus production within 2 weeks

- BIIC research cell banks

- Up to 100L culture production

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Case study: Purity and Identity Characterization of AAV Capsid Particles by LC-MS Methods in collaboration with Agilent