Software and Automation

Revolutionary Efficiency in a GMP Setting

LakePharma had its formative years in Silicon Valley. As such, the company understands the value of an extremely powerful software system. LakePharma uses software and automation extensively in nearly every aspect of its business. LakePharma technology offers industry-leading transparency and permission controls through secure data sharing with encryption and authentication. 

Data and Process Management (DPM)

LakePharma’s Data and Process Management (DPM) is an enterprise software system that serves as an all-in-one platform for the LakePharma team and clients. It is customized specifically for LakePharma using the RENKOM enterprise version as the base platform. 

DPM is a powerful and flexible tool that allows various teams to collaborate on projects and share results in real-time. It is integrated with ease of use for all aspects of the business, such as procurement, project management, and scheduling. All digital forms and logs are electronically registered to streamline and standardize the review process. This real-time data entry provides efficiency in error reduction and data integrity through instant monitoring and metrics. DPM’s powerful search tools save time and avoid redundancies and alarm tools automate notifications. It offers customizable settings for data forms, project roles, and efficient workflows. 

Client Secure Portal (CSP)

LakePharma's Client Secure Portal (CSP) is a secure cloud-based system for streamlined project management and communication that offers transparency and clarity for clients from start to finish. 

Clients can:

  • manage all current and past projects, 
  • initiate new projects and quote requests, 
  • view all client materials stored at LakePharma

Introductory videos about DPM and related applications:

#120: What is QMOS?

#119: Data visualization - Work in progress at LakePharma

#118: RENKOM Gantt - Brief tutorial for LakePharma Clients

#116: Introduction to LakePharma's Client Secure Portal

LakePharma welcomes outreach from software and bioinformatic companies especially in the area of protein structural modeling, bioinformatics, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence.