The gene-engineered Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line, adapted to manufacturing conditions by LakePharma, is offered by LakePharma as a parental cell line in its stable cell line generation platform and available for license and commercial use by clients.

CHO-GSN is our proprietary CHO stable cell line development platform. LakePharma adapted Horizon’s CHO cell to suspension growth in commercially available animal component-free, chemically defined media, and carried out a full evaluation of protein expression. The decision to partner was based upon successful evaluation, showing significantly higher antibody titers at the stable pool stage relative to LakePharma’s previous system.

Key Highlights

  • Robust final cell line performance
  • High titer with stronger GS selection
  • Generational stability >80 generations demonstrated
  • Upstream and downstream process development
  • Royal-free platform

Download our CHO-GSN presentation by clicking here.